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It’s Just a Disability!

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So what do YOU think


CORRECTION!!!  We offered you a free chapter 1 download but gave you the wrong link!!  Please use the following link and start Living Large today!!!

Would you like to read the first 9 pages....FREE?  Hey why not.  We're glad to provide them for you...CLICK HERE..  We certainly encourage you to pick up a set of the audios (along with all the bonuses) by going to the Living Large in spite of a disability site here - and once you do, please tell us what you think.  How did they help you?  Did we leave out one of your "burning questions"?  what can we add in the future to meet the specific question you have in this area?  we look forward to hearing from you!!

Colours Wheelchairs Announces European Expansion Plans
Colours N Motion is a maverick in the wheelchair industry. In a market that generally concentrates on price and technology Colours focuses on esthetics and comfort. While most manufactures advertise a product Colours communicates a lifestyle message. Colours is often controversial using strikingly beautiful disabled models in its ads to convey the message that sensuality and esthetics need not limited by disability. A well known brand in the USA Colours now announces its plans for develo

Why Most People Dont Really Want to Heal Part 2
TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR ILLNESSES The first step to healing is to accept that we created our illnesses in the first place. This can be a difficult concept to swallow. So many of us are invested in the prevailing Western scientific medical view of reality that we cant quite understand how we created our illnesses. Most illnesses are caused by viruses or bacteria. If we catch a cold or get the flu how is that our responsibility? Someone sneezed on us

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