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It’s Just a Disability!

• 2/4/2007 - The Use of Color to Treat Learning Problems

Insurance Necessary For Peace of Mind
There are many various types of insurance. Insurance is a policy where you invest a certain amount that you do not get back that will pay you in the event of a predetermined event. The specifics vary greatly according to the kind of insurance. Health insurance is designed to help you with your medical care. You will typically pay in a certain amount every month called premiums and you may have to pay a certain percentage on your doctors visits or prescriptions but

The Use of Color to Treat Learning Problems
I am the queen of color. Or so I tell my students as I work with them invariably using color as a training tool. Of course they also think Im a nut case and that may well be true but the bottom line is this I get results with color. A normal child spends most of his day in school dealing with black and white. Most of this day is spent with a black lead pencil books printed in black and white and worksheets and workbooks also printed in black and white. It seems their world i

7/13/2006: It's about REALLY Living - Isn't it?
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Join us as we discuss the realities of living with and conquering a disability! Our disability experience is Paralysis and Autism with career backgrounds in Nursing, Speech Pathology and Teaching.


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