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It’s Just a Disability!

• 2/3/2007 - Freedom and Independence with Your Wheelchairs

Help For The Handicapped Renter
Looking for a place to live when you suffer from any type of physical disability can be incredibly frustrating. Not only must you go through all the typical stresses of finding a safe comfortable home with an aesthetically pleasing environment but you must also look for handicap accessibilty. If youre looking on your own the search can be long and difficult. Marcy was diagnosed with Tourettes syndrome at the age of sixteen. Due to this disease she is unable to work and thus is force

Freedom and Independence with Your Wheelchairs
Many people think that one is totally worthless when he becomes disabled. Disability always brings this notion but I strongly disagree with it. Ive seen lots of disabled persons who have become large icons in their chosen genres. Come to think of it some of them are even more valuable than other more normal creatures. The best examples are the people in wheelchairs. Have you seen the news about the Olympics for persons with disability? If you did youll certainly be amazed by them be

7/11/2006: Medical Information - Prescription Medicine
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Join us as we discuss the realities of living with and conquering a disability! Our disability experience is Paralysis and Autism with career backgrounds in Nursing, Speech Pathology and Teaching.


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