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It’s Just a Disability!

• 2/3/2007 - PDF Correction

So what do YOU think


CORRECTION!!!  We offered you a free chapter 1 download but gave you the wrong link!!  Please use the following link and start Living Large today!!!

Would you like to read the first 9 pages....FREE?  Hey why not.  We're glad to provide them for you...CLICK HERE..  We certainly encourage you to pick up a set of the audios (along with all the bonuses) by going to the Living Large in spite of a disability site here - and once you do, please tell us what you think.  How did they help you?  Did we leave out one of your "burning questions"?  what can we add in the future to meet the specific question you have in this area?  we look forward to hearing from you!!

Help For The Handicapped Renter
Looking for a place to live when you suffer from any type of physical disability can be incredibly frustrating. Not only must you go through all the typical stresses of finding a safe comfortable home with an aesthetically pleasing environment but you must also look for handicap accessibilty. If youre looking on your own the search can be long and difficult. Marcy was diagnosed with Tourettes syndrome at the age of sixteen. Due to this disease she is unable to work and thus is force

A Simple Concept on Proper Nutrition
Since childhood we are always being reminded about taking vitamins eating nutritious foods avoiding junk and fatty foods drinking enough glasses of water plus performing various exercises all of these constitute to what is considered as proper nutrition. But how can you really be healthy? How will you know that your food intake is just right for your nutritional needs? Basically proper nutrition is the key element when you want to reduce your body fats firm your body and develop

7/9/2006: Medical Information - Symptoms Of Medical Conditions
7/12/2006: Freedom and Independence with Your Wheelchairs
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