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• 2/2/2007 - Rigid Wheelchairs Versus Folding Wheelchairs

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Rigid Wheelchairs Versus Folding Wheelchairs

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Rigid Versus Folding Wheelchairs


Did you ever notice that you never see a disabled athlete competing in a folding wheelchair? The reason is increased performance of rigid wheelchairs. All athletes seek to optimize performance. But performance is not only important for sports wheelchairs, it is important for active everyday users as well. A well designed rigid wheelchair becomes part of the body of a disabled user allowing easier access and freedom of movement. What are the features of a rigid wheelchair that give superior performance? If you want to know more click here.

Let us know what you think! What are the advantages of rigid wheelchairs over folding chairs? Which do you have/prefer? Who is the right customer for a rigid/folding wheelchair?

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